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Name Description Access Level
Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Original Original  
Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Pre-Historic Pre-Historic  
Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Spiral Spiral  
Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, White Cheddar Cheese White Cheddar Cheese  
Macaroni and Beef, in Tomato Sauce in Tomato Sauce  
Macaroni and Cheese Dinner  
Macaroni, Large Elbow Large Elbow  
Macaroni, Small Elbow Small Elbow  
Mandarin Oranges  
Mandarin Oranges In Light Syrup  
Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup in Light Syrup  
Mandarin Oranges In Light Syrup Fruit Cups  
Manzanilla Olives  
Manzanilla Spanish Olives Stuffed With Minced Pimientos  
Manzanilla Stuffed Olives  
Maraschino Cherries  
Maraschino Cherries In Extra Heavy Syrup  
Margarita Mixes, Cocktail Classics, Variety Cocktail Classics, Variety  
Marinade Mesquite Mesquite  
Marinade, Herb & Garlic Herb & Garlic  
Marinade, Lemon Pepper Lemon Pepper  
Marinade, Sesame Ginger Sesame Ginger  
Marinade, Steak & Chop Steak & Chop  
Marinade, Teriyaki Teriyaki  
Marmalade, California Style, Sweet Orange California Style, Sweet Orange  
Marshmallow Magic  
Marshmallows Mini  
Marshmallows Regular  
Marshmallows, Large Large  
Marshmallows, Large Large  
Marshmallows, Mini Mini  
Marshmallows, Mini Mini  
Martini Mixes, Cocktail Classics, Variety Cocktail Classics, Variety  
Mashed Potatoes  
Mashed Potatoes  
Mashed Potatoes  
Maycoba / Periano Beans  
Mayo, Canola Canola  
Mayo, Real Real  
Mayo, with Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
Mayocoba Beans  
Mayonnaise With Canola Oil  
Mayonnaise, Light Light  
Mayonnaise, Light, Mayo Light, Mayo