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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Round Table Pizza

Name Description Access Level
Salad Bar, Grilled Chicken (Pizza Topping)  
Salad Bar, Italian Pasta Salad  
Salad Bar, Jalapenos  
Salad Bar, Kalamata Olives  
Salad Bar, Kale  
Salad Bar, Kidney Beans  
Salad Bar, Macaroni Elbow Salad  
Salad Bar, Mandarin Oranges  
Salad Bar, Mushrooms  
Salad Bar, Peaches  
Salad Bar, Peas (Frozen Only)  
Salad Bar, Pepperoncinis  
Salad Bar, Pickles Spears  
Salad Bar, Pineapple Chunks  
Salad Bar, Potato Salad - Mardi Gras  
Salad Bar, Potato Salad - Regular  
Salad Bar, Red Onions  
Salad Bar, Romaine Lettuce, Chopped  
Salad Bar, Rt Lettuce Blend  
Salad Bar, Shredded Parmesan  
Salad Bar, Spring Mix  
Salad Bar, Strawberries Halved  
Salad Bar, Strawberry Parfait  
Salad Bar, Sun-Dried Tomatoes  
Salad Bar, Three Cheese Blend  
Salad Bar, Tropical Fruit Salad  
Salami Classic Sandwich  
Salted Caramel Gelato  
Sausage Parmesano Pizza Large (1 slice) Pizza - Sausage Parmesano Pizza Large 146 g (1 slice)  
Side of Grilled Chicken Salads - Side of Grilled Chicken  
Sierra Mist - Large BEVERAGES - Sierra Mist - Large  
Sierra Mist - Medium BEVERAGES - Sierra Mist - Medium  
Sierra Mist - Small BEVERAGES - Sierra Mist - Small  
Sierra Mist, 12 oz Non-Alcoholic Bevereages - Sierra Mist 12 oz  
Sierra Mist, 16 oz Non-Alcoholic Bevereages - Sierra Mist 16 oz  
Skinny Pizza, BBQ Dragon, Large  
Skinny Pizza, BBQ Dragon, Medium  
Skinny Pizza, BBQ Dragon, Personal  
Skinny Pizza, BBQ Dragon, Small  
Skinny Pizza, Cheese, Large  
Skinny Pizza, Cheese, Medium  
Skinny Pizza, Cheese, Personal  
Skinny Pizza, Cheese, Small  
Skinny Pizza, Garden Pesto, Large  
Skinny Pizza, Garden Pesto, Medium