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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Roland

Name Description Access Level
Cocktail Onions  
Cocktail Onions, in Vinegar in Vinegar  
Coco Lopez, Cream of Coconut  
Cocoa Powder 10-12%  
Coconut Milk, Classic Classic  
Coconut Milk, Classic  
Coconut Milk, Lite  
Coconut Milk, Organic Organic  
Coconut Milk, Organic  
Coconut Water with Pulp  
Cod Liver, Smoked  
Consul, Anchovy Fillets in Sunflower Oil  
Consul, Anchovy Fillets in Sunflower Oil, Salt Added  
Consul, Crabmeat  
Consul, Sardines with Tomato Sauce  
Cookies, Galettes Galettes  
Cookies, Lady Finger 3.5 Oz Lady Finger 3.5 Oz  
Cooking Wine, Burgundy  
Cooking Wine, Marsala Marsala  
Cooking Wine, Marsala  
Cooking Wine, Red Red  
Cooking Wine, Red Burgundy  
Cooking Wine, Sauterne Sauterne  
Cooking Wine, Sauterne  
Cooking Wine, Sauterne, Bottled  
Cooking Wine, Sherry Sherry  
Cooking Wine, Sherry  
Cooking Wine, Sherry 12.9 Oz Sherry 12.9 Oz  
Cooking Wine, White White  
Cooking Wine, White (chablis), Bottled  
Cooking Wine, White 12.9 Oz White 12.9 Oz  
Cooking Wine, White Chablis  
Coquilletes Canape Shells  
Coriander, Minced Leaves  
Cornichons, Gherkins  
Cornichons, Gherkins  
Cornichons, Gherkins Small  
Costamar, Anchovy Fillets, Mini  
Costamar, Cream of Coconut  
Costamar, Pina Colada Mix  
Couscous, Garden Vegetable Garden Vegetable  
Couscous, Israeli, Dry toested pasta  
Couscous, Israeli, Garden Vegetable Israeli, Garden Vegetable  
Couscous, Israeli, Toasted Pasta, Whole Wheat Israeli, Toasted Pasta, Whole Wheat