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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Roland

Name Description Access Level
Bruschetta w/ tomato, eggplant and red pepper  
Bruschetta Artichoke  
Buckwheat Soba Noodles, Organic  
Bulgar Wheat  
Burgundy Snails, Escargots, Extra Large  
Calamares in Ink Sauce  
Canape Rounds  
Caperberries, Wild Wild  
Caperberries, Wild  
Capers in Salt  
Capers, 3 Oz 3 Oz  
Capers, Capote  
Capers, Fancy Nonpareille  
Capers, Nonpareil  
Capers, Nonpareille  
Capers, Nonpareille in Sherry Wine Vinegar in Sherry Wine Vinegar  
Capers, Nonpareille with Wine Vinegar, Organic  
Capers, Nonpareille, Premium  
Capers, Nonpareilles Nonpareilles  
Capers, Nonpareilles Nonpareilles  
Capers, Nonpareilles  
Capers, Nonpareilles Nonpareilles  
Capers, Nonpareilles 16 Oz Nonpareilles 16 Oz  
Capers, Organic, Nonpareille Organic, Nonpareille  
Capers, Super Nonpareille  
Capers, Super Nonpareilles Super Nonpareilles  
Capers, Surfine, Premium  
Capers, Surfines  
Capers, Tiny Tiny  
Capers, Tiny Surfine  
Capers, Tiny, in Salt Tiny, in Salt  
Carr's Assorted Biscuits For Cheese  
Carr's Crackers, Table Water  
Carr's Crackers, Whole Wheat  
Carrot, Baby, Canned miniature  
Carrots, Baby Whole, Extra Tiny  
Carrots, Jullienne Strips  
Carrots, Small, Belgian  
Carrots, Tiny