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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Roland

Name Description Access Level
Picnic Shrimp  
Pimiento Stuffed Olives  
Pimientos Del Piquillo, Whole  
Pimientos, Diced Red  
Pimientos, Red Whole  
Pimientos, Red, Diced  
Pimientos, Red, Whole  
Pimientos, Red, Whole  
Pimientos, Sweet Peeled 7.5 Oz Sweet Peeled 7.5 Oz  
Pina Colada Mix non-alcoholic mix  
Pineapple Chili Sauce  
Pineapple Slices, in Light Syrup in Light Syrup  
Pineapple Slices, In Natural Juice In Natural Juice  
Pineapple, Chunks Chunks  
Pineapple, Chunks in Natural Juice  
Pineapple, Crushed in Natural Juice  
Pineapple, Slices in Light Syrup  
Pineapple, Slices in Natural Juice  
Pineapple, Tidbits in Natural Juice  
Pink Salmon, Fancy Fancy  
Piquillo Peppers, Grilled  
Piquillo Peppers, Sliced Organic  
Piquillo Peppers, Whole Whole  
Piquillo Peppers, Whole Organic  
Piquillo Peppers, Whole  
Piquillo Peppers, Whole  
Piri Piri, Pepper Sauce with Garlic  
Piri Piri, Pepper Sauce with Lemon  
Pistachio Oil  
Pitachio Oil  
Pitted Black Cherries in Light Syrup  
Pitted Ripe Olives, Large  
Pitted Ripe Olives, Medium  
Plain Panko Bread Crumbs  
Plum Sauce  
Plum Sauce, Sweet & Fruity  
Po Nee Tea  
Polenta, Coarse Grain, Dry 100% natural  
Polenta, Fine Grain, Dry 100% natural; Italian Polenta  
Polenta, Medium Grain Medium Grain  
Polenta, Medium Grain, Dry stone ground cornmeal; 100% natural  
Polenta, Yellow  
Pomegranate Glaze  
Porcini Cream