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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Roland

Name Description Access Level
Eggplant Plup, Peeled, Roasted  
Elements, Vermont Maple Cereal  
Escargot Tubes with Snails & Shells  
Escargots Snail, Consul, Extra Large  
Escargots Snail, Consul, Giant  
Escargots Snail, Extra Large, Black  
Escargots Snail, Extra Large, Red  
Escargots Snail, Giant  
Escargots Snails  
Escargots Snails  
Escargots, Extra Large, Anchatina Snails  
Escargots, Giant, Snails  
Escargots, Snails Snails  
Everything Wheat Crackers  
Extra Fine Cornichons, French Style Gherkins  
Extra Virgin Olive Oil  
Falafel Mix  
Fancy Mandarin Oranges, Whole Segments in Light Syrup  
Fancy Pink Salmon  
Farro, Italian, Pearled  
Farro, Semi-pearled, Dry 100% natural  
Farro, Semipearled Semipearled  
Feng Shui Hot Wasabi Coated Green Peas Hot Wasabi Coated  
Feng Shui, Edamame, Lightly Salted, Dry Roasted  
Feng Shui, Roasted Edamame  
Feng Shui, Wasabi Peas  
Fig Glaze  
Figs, Whole Kadota, in Light Syrup Whole Kadota, in Light Syrup  
Finishing Sauce, Cranberry Horseradish  
Finishing Sauce, Hot Wasabi  
Finishing Sauce, Kalamata Feta  
Finishing Sauce, Roasted Yellow Pepper  
Finishing Sauce, Spicy Chipotle  
Fish Sauce  
Fish Sauce  
Fish Sauce  
Fish, Rolled Fillets of Anchovies 2 Oz Rolled Fillets of Anchovies 2 Oz  
Flageolets, Green, Belgian Green, Belgian  
Flageolets, Green, Dried  
Flageolets, Green, Fine  
Flan, Spanish Spanish Dessert Custard  
Flat Fillets of Anchovies, in Olive Oil  
Flat Fillets of Anchovies, in Olive Oil in Olive Oil