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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Rogers

Name Description Access Level
9 Grain Blend  
A Taste from Vancouver Milk Chocolate  
All Purpose Baking Whole Grain Wheat Flour  
All Purpose Enriched Flour  
Brown Sugar  
Celery, Dehydrated  
Chili Powder, Dehydrated w/salt  
Chocolates, Canada  
Chow Mein with Pork and Chicken, without Noodles  
Cranberry Almond Five Grain Granola  
Cube Sugar  
Dark Rye Flour  
Demerara Sugar  
Easter Creams  
Eggs, Grade AA Large  
Five Grain Granola  
Five Grain Granola  
Five Grain Granola, Almond  
Garlic, Dehydrated  
Golden Yellow Sugar  
Golden Yellow Sugar, Natural  
Granola, Five Grain  
Granulated Sugar  
Granulated Sugar  
Granulated Sugar  
Honeycomb in Milk Chocolate  
Jumbo Eggs, Grade A  
Lantic Natural Granulated Sugar  
Large Flake Oats  
Maple Flavoured Syrup  
Maple Sugar  
Natural Organic Sugar  
Natural Sweetener Agave Syrup  
Oat Bran  
Onion, Dehydrated  
Paprika, Dehydrated  
Parsley, Dehydrated  
Plantation Raw  
Plantation Raw, Sugar Cubes, Golden Brown  
Porridge Oats  
Porridge Oats Ancient Grain Blend  
Raisin, Five Grain Granola  
Red Pepper, Crushed, Dehydrated  
Red Pepper, Ground, Dehydrated  
Spinach, Dehydrated