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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Quaker

Name Description Access Level
Oat & Yogurt Strawberry Sandwich Biscuits  
Oat & Yogurt, Sandwich Biscuits, Vanilla  
Oat & Yogurt, Sandwich Biscuits, Vanilla  
Oat Bars, Crispy Apple Cinnamon Crispy Apple Cinnamon  
Oat Bars, Crispy Strawberry Crispy Strawberry  
Oat Beverage  
Oat Beverage  
Oat Beverage Mix, Strawberry Strawberry  
Oat Bran Beverage  
Oat Bran Cereal 1 NLEA serving  
Oat Bran Cereal W/salt 'Mother's' prepared w/water & salt  
Oat Bran Cereal, Dry 'Mother's' (1 NLEA serving)  
Oat Bran Cereal, No Added Salt 'Mother's' prepared w/water  
Oat Bran Hot Cereal  
Oat Bran Hot Cereal Oat Bran  
Oat Cereal Chocolate Drink  
Oat Cereal Drink, Berry Burst  
Oat Cereal Drink, Original  
Oat Cereal, Instant, Low Salt, Prepared prep w/water  
Oat Cereal, Instant, Prepared w/apples & cinnamon, prep w/water  
Oat Clusters, Bits, with Green Apple Bits, with Green Apple  
Oat Clusters, Bits, with Strawberry Bits, with Strawberry  
Oat Cookies with Raisins  
Oat Cookies, Chocolate Chips  
Oat Cookies, Honey Nut  
Oat Dairy Drink, Vanilla Malt  
Oat Flour  
Oat Life, Plain 1 NLEA serving  
Oat/ Avena Balance Weight Control, Cinnamon Canela  
Oaties, Mini Oat Cookies, Chocolate Chip  
Oatmeal Apples & Cinnamon  
Oatmeal Bars, Maple & Brown Sugar Flavor  
Oatmeal Cereal, Brown Sugar Bliss  
Oatmeal Cookies, Apple & Cinnamon  
Oatmeal Cookies, Cranberry & Yogurt  
Oatmeal Cookies, Granola  
Oatmeal Cookies, Mixed Berries  
Oatmeal Cookies, Raisins  
Oatmeal Cookies, Raisins  
Oatmeal Express, Cinnamon Roll hot cereal  
Oatmeal Express, Golden Brown Sugar hot cereal  
Oatmeal Express, Instant 'Baked Apple' prepared w/boiling water  
Oatmeal Express, Instant, Dry 'Golden Brown Sugar'  
Oatmeal Express, Instant, Prepared 'Golden Brown Sugar' prepared w/boiling water