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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Popsicle

Name Description Access Level
2 Ball Screwball Ice Cup  
A-C-E Juice Pops, Assorted Flavors Assorted Flavors  
Air Heads Flavors Ice Pops Air Heads Flavors  
All Natural Real Fruit Juice Bars  
Bars, Strawberry Banana/Blue Raspberry  
Berry Pineapple Frozen Treat  
Big Stick - Cherry Pineapple Swirl Ice Pops  
Big Stick Cherry Pineapple Ice Pop  
Big Stick Lick-A-Color Ice Pop  
Big Stick, Cherry Pineapple Swirl Cherry Pineapple Swirl  
Big Stick, Red White & Blue  
Bubble Gum Swirl Ice Pop  
Cherry Collision Ice Cup  
Cherry, White Lemon, Blue Raspberry Fire Cracker Pops  
Col. Crunch Bar - Chocolate  
Col. Crunch Bar - Strawberry  
Confection Bars, Fruit Punch & Cotton Candy, SpongeBob SquarePants  
Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cup  
Cotton Candy Swirl Ice Pop  
Creamsicle - Orange Sherbet  
Crispy Cones  
Cyclone Frozen Treat  
Diet Soda Pops - Sugar Free Ice Pops  
Dora The Explorer Ice Pop, Single Pack  
Dora The Explorer Ice Pops  
Fantastic Fruity!, Real Fruit Juice Pops Real Fruit Juice Pops  
Firecracker (Red, White and Blue) Ice Pops  
Firecracker Frozen Confection  
Firecracker Ice Pops Firecracker  
Firecracker Ice Pops  
Firecracker Jr. Ice Pop  
Firecracker Popsicle  
Firecracker With Exploding Candy Tip Ice Pops  
Flavored Ice Pops, Assorted Assorted  
Flavored Ice Pops, Assorted Flavors Assorted Flavors  
Flavored Ice Pops, Ice Pops, Tropicals Ice Pops, Tropicals  
Flavored Ice Pops, Life Savers Life Savers  
Flavored Ice Pops, Marvel Fantastic Four Marvel Fantastic Four  
Flavored Ice Pops, Red, White & Blue Red, White & Blue  
Flavored Juice Ice Pops, Red, White & Blue Red, White & Blue  
Frozen Confection Bars, Strawberry/Blue Raspberry/Lime, Marvel Spider-Man, 6 Pack  
Frozen Confection, Root Beer, Banana, Lemon Lime Root Beer, Banana, Lemon Lime