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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Pillsbury

Name Description Access Level
Crisp Crust Pizza, Pepperoni  
Crispy Crust Pizza  
Croissants, Original  
Crusty French Loaf Bread frozen  
Crusty White Bread Mix  
Cupcake & Cake Mix, Neon Yellow  
Cupcake & Snack Cake Mix, Yellow Yellow  
Cupcake Mix, Caramel & Coconut  
Cupcake Mix, with Candy Bits, Premium  
Cut out Gingerbread Cookie Dough  
Cut-Out Sugar Cookies, Football  
Cutout Sugar Cookies  
Cutout Sugar Cookies  
Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix  
Dark Chocolate Cake Mix W/pudding 'Moist Supreme'  
Dark Chocolate Premium Cake Mix  
Date Quick Bread Mix  
Deluxe Brownie Mix, Double Chocolate Double Chocolate  
Deluxe Brownie Mix, Hot Fudge Swirl Hot Fudge Swirl  
Deluxe Brownie Mix, Walnut Walnut  
Deluxe Cinnamon Swirl Quick Bread & Muffin Fix  
Deluxe Pizza Minis  
Devil's Food Cake Mix W/pudding 'Moist Supreme'  
Devils Food Cake Mix  
Dinner Roll, Butterflake frozen, 'Oven Baked'  
Dinner Roll, Crusty French frozen, 'Oven Baked'  
Dinner Roll, Crusty French, Lowfat frozen, 'Oven Baked'  
Dinner Roll, Crusty Sourdough frozen, 'Oven Baked'  
Dinner Roll, Garlic frozen, 'Oven Baked'  
Dinner Roll, Traditional frozen  
Dinner Roll, White, Soft frozen, 'Oven Baked'  
Dinner Roll, Whole Wheat frozen, 'Oven Baked'  
Dinner Rolls  
Dinner Rolls, Carb Monitor Carb Monitor  
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Big & Buttery Crescent, Big & Buttery  
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Big & Flaky Crescent, Big & Flaky  
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Butter Flake Crescent, Butter Flake  
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Garlic Butter Crescent, Garlic Butter  
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Original Crescent, Original  
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Quick Crescent, Quick  
Dinner Rolls, Crescent, Reduced Fat Crescent, Reduced Fat  
Dinner Rolls, Crusty French Crusty French  
Dinner Rolls, Crusty Sourdough Crusty Sourdough  
Dinner Rolls, Crusty Wheat Crusty Wheat  
Dinner Rolls, Garlic Garlic