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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Pepperidge Farm

Name Description Access Level
Colours Goldfish Baked Snack Crackers  
Confetti Vanilla Layer Cake  
Cookie Bites, Holiday, Butter Holiday, Butter  
Cookie Bites, Holiday, Cinnamon Holiday, Cinnamon  
Cookie Bites, Holiday, Ginger Man Holiday, Ginger Man  
Cookie Collection, Ginger Family Ginger Family  
Cookie Collection, Holiday Homestyle Holiday Homestyle  
Cookie Collection, Specialty Specialty  
Cookies, Birthday Cake, Soft Baked, Charleston  
Cookies, Butter  
Cookies, Butter, 22 Pack  
Cookies, Butter, Bite-Size, Mini  
Cookies, Cheesemen Minis  
Cookies, Chessmen  
Cookies, Chewy Granola, Trail Mix Chewy Granola, Trail Mix  
Cookies, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip  
Cookies, Chocolate Chunk  
Cookies, Chocolate Chunk White & Milk Chocolate Chocolate Chunk White & Milk Chocolate  
Cookies, Chocolate Chunk, Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chunk, Dark Chocolate  
Cookies, Chocolate Chunk, Dark Chocolate S'more Chocolate Chunk, Dark Chocolate S'more  
Cookies, Chocolate, 7 Varieties Chocolate, 7 Varieties  
Cookies, Classic Collection, 9 Delicious Varieties  
Cookies, Classic, Favorites Classic, Favorites  
Cookies, Crispy, Chocolate Creme Crispy, Chocolate Creme  
Cookies, Dark Chocolate Milano, Pre-Priced  
Cookies, Dark Chocolate Almond Dark Chocolate Almond  
Cookies, Dark Chocolate Brownie  
Cookies, Dark Chocolate Chip, Thin & Crispy  
Cookies, Dark Chocolate Chunk  
Cookies, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, Soft Baked, Newport  
Cookies, Dark Chocolate, 2-Packs  
Cookies, Distinctive, Butter Sweet & Simple, Chessman  
Cookies, Distinctive, Coconut Chocolate Flavored  
Cookies, Distinctive, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt  
Cookies, Distinctive, Milano Distinctive, Milano  
Cookies, Distinctive, Milano, Mint Distinctive, Milano, Mint  
Cookies, Distinctive, Milk Chocolate Distinctive, Milk Chocolate  
Cookies, Distinctive, Mint Chocolate Distinctive, Mint  
Cookies, Distinctive, Montieri, Raspberry Tart Distinctive, Montieri, Raspberry Tart  
Cookies, Distinctive, Orange Chocolate Flavored Distinctive, Milano, Orange  
Cookies, Distinctive, Salted Caramel  
Cookies, Distinctive, Shortbread  
Cookies, Distinctive, Strawberry Distinctive, Strawberry  
Cookies, Distinctive, Tahiti Coconut Distinctive, Tahiti Coconut  
Cookies, Distinctive, Verona, Mango Peach Distinctive, Verona, Mango Peach