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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Patio

Name Description Access Level
Bean & Cheese Burrito  
Bean & Cheese Burrito  
Beef & Bean Burrito  
Beef & Bean Burrito, Hot Hot  
Beef & Bean Burrito, Medium Medium  
Beef Enchilada  
Beef Enchilada Dinner  
Beef Enchilada Platter  
Beef Enchiladas, 4 Pack  
Beef Tamale & Enchilada  
Beef Tamale Dinner  
Beef Tamales and Enchilada Dinner  
Burrito ConQueso  
Burrito, Beef & Bean, Mild  
Burritos, Bean & Cheese  
Cheese Enchilada  
Cheese Enchilada Dinner  
Chicken Burrito  
Chicken Burrito  
Chicken Enchilada  
Chicken Enchilada ConQueso Dinner  
Combo Echilada Dinner  
Combo Enchilada Platter  
Enchilada Combo Dinner  
Hot Beef & Bean Burrito with Red Chili  
Mexican Meal, Frozen w/tamale, beef enchilada, beans, rice  
Mild Beef & Bean Burrito  
Mild Beef & Bean Burrito with Green Chili  
Spicy Hot Burrito