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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Panda Express

Name Description Access Level
Pepsi, Large BEVERAGES - Pepsi® - Large  
Pepsi, Medium BEVERAGES - Pepsi® - Medium  
Pepsi, Small BEVERAGES - Pepsi® - Small  
Pepsi® (Lrg.) BEVERAGES - Pepsi® (Lrg.)  
Pepsi® (Med.) BEVERAGES - Pepsi® (Med.)  
Pepsi® (Sm.) BEVERAGES - Pepsi® (Sm.)  
Plum Sauce SAUCES & COOKIES - Plum Sauce  
Potato Chicken CHICKEN - Potato Chicken  
Potato Chicken  
Potato Chicken - Kids KID'S MENU - Chicken - Potato Chicken - Kids  
Potato Chicken, Cub Meal KID' S MEAL - Veggies - Potato Chicken - Kid's Meal  
Potsticker Sauce SAUCES & COOKIES - Potsticker Sauce  
Potsticker Sauce  
Powerade Fruit Punch, Kids  
Powerade Fruit Punch, Large  
Powerade Fruit Punch, Medium  
Powerade Fruit Punch, Small  
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, Kids  
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, Large  
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, Medium  
Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, Small  
Samurai Surf & Turf™ BEEF, SHRIMP - Samurai Surf & Turf™  
Samurai Surf & Turf™ - Kids KID'S MENU - Beef, KID'S MENU - Shrimp - Samurai Surf & Turf™ - Kids  
Sauce, Sweet & Sour  
Seagram'S Ginger Ale, Kids  
Seagram'S Ginger Ale, Large  
Seagram'S Ginger Ale, Medium  
Seagram'S Ginger Ale, Small  
Sesame Sauce, Honey  
Shanghai Angus Steak  
Shanghai Angus Steak with Asparagus BEEF - Shanghai Angus Steak™  
Shanghai Angus Steak with String Beans  
Shanghai Angus Steak™ - Kids KID'S MENU - Beef - Shanghai Angus Steak™ - Kids  
Sichuan Hot Chicken  
Sichuan Hot Chicken, Kid's  
Sierra Mist, Large BEVERAGES - Sierra Mist® - Large  
Sierra Mist, Medium BEVERAGES - Sierra Mist® - Medium  
Sierra Mist, Small BEVERAGES - Sierra Mist® - Small  
Sierra Mist® (Lrg.) BEVERAGES - Sierra Mist® (Lrg.)  
Sierra Mist® (Med.) BEVERAGES - Sierra Mist® (Med.)  
Sierra Mist® (Sm.) BEVERAGES - Sierra Mist® (Sm.)  
Sobe Lean, Large BEVERAGES - Sobe Lean® - Large  
Sobe Lean, Medium BEVERAGES - Sobe Lean® - Medium  
Sobe Lean, Small BEVERAGES - Sobe Lean® - Small  
Sobe Lean® (Lrg.) BEVERAGES - Sobe Lean® (Lrg.)