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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Oscar Mayer

Name Description Access Level
Turkey Franks  
Turkey Franks, Bun Lenght  
Turkey Franks, Bun-Length  
Turkey Franks, Cheese Dogs  
Turkey Franks, Franks  
Turkey Franks, Uncured  
Turkey Ham  
Turkey Ham  
Turkey Ham, Louis Rich Louis Rich  
Turkey Ham, Smoked Chopped 50% Less Fat  
Turkey Pastrami  
Turkey Peanuts Cheddar  
Turkey Uncured Franks  
Turkey, 97% Fat Free Smoked 'Deli Fresh Meats'  
Turkey, 98% Fat Free Oven Roasted 'Deli Fresh Meats'  
Turkey, Bologna  
Turkey, Bologna  
Turkey, Hardwood Smoked Uncured Turkey Franks Turkey, Hardwood Smoked Uncured  
Turkey, Honey Smoked Lean White  
Turkey, Oven Roasted White  
Turkey, Oven Roasted White  
Turkey, Shaved White, Oven Roasted Shaved White, Oven Roasted  
Turkey, Smoked White  
Turkey, Smoked White 95% Fat Free  
Turkey, Variety Pack, Turkey Ham  
Turkey, Variety Pack, White Turkey Smoked  
Turkey, White, Oven Roasted White, Oven Roasted  
Uncured Bacon  
Uncured Bacon, Smoked  
Uncured Bacon, Smoked  
Uncured Beef Franks, Angus Beef  
Uncured Beef Franks, Angus, Bun-Length Selects  
Uncured Beef Franks, Bun-length Angus Beef  
Uncured Beef Sausage, Hardwood Smoked  
Uncured Cooked Sausage, Italian Herb  
Uncured Franks, Bun-length Turkey  
Uncured Franks, Classic Beef  
Uncured Franks, Turkey  
Uncured Ham  
Uncured Ham  
Uncured Ham with Honey, Lower Sodium  
Uncured Ham, Applewood Smoked  
Uncured Ham, Applewood Smoked  
Uncured Ham, Applewood Smoked  
Uncured Ham, Hickory Smoked