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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Oscar Mayer

Name Description Access Level
Salami, Hard  
Sandwich Combos, Honey Ham & Swiss Honey Ham & Swiss  
Sandwich Combos, Oven Roasted Turkey & Cheddar Oven Roasted Turkey & Cheddar  
Sandwich Combos, Southwestern Style Chicken Southwestern Style Chicken  
Sandwich Meat, Bologna  
Sandwich Melts, Oven Roasted Ham and Cheddar Oven Roasted Ham and Cheddar  
Sandwich Spread  
Sandwich Spread  
Sandwich Spread, Pork/chicken/beef  
Sandwich, Honey Ham & Swiss 'Deli Creations Complete Sandwich'  
Sandwich, Oven Roasted Ham & Cheddar 'Deli Creations Complete Sandwiches'  
Sandwich, Steakhouse Cheddar  
Sandwich, Turkey & Cheddar Dijon 'Deli Creations Complete Sandwiches'  
Sandwich, Turkey Monterey 'Deli Creations Complete Sandwiches'  
Sausage Patties, Pork Pork  
Sausage, Beef 'Smokies'  
Sausage, Beef & Cheddar, With Buns Beef & Cheddar, With Buns  
Sausage, Cheese 'Smokies'  
Sausage, Cheese/pork/turkey 'Smokies' little  
Sausage, Link 'Smokie Links'  
Sausage, Pork/turkey 'Smokies' little  
Sausage, Smoked, Turkey Smoked, Turkey  
Sausage, Summer Summer  
Sausage, Summer, Beef Summer, Beef  
Sausage/Salami, Beef Summer Sausage  
Sausage/Salami, Cotto Salami  
Sausage/Salami, Hard Salami  
Sausage/Salami, Salami Beef Deli Thin  
Sausage/Salami, Summer Sausage  
Sausages, Little Smokies Little Smokies  
Seasoned Beef Franks  
Seasoned Chicken Breast, Roasted Garlic & Herb  
Seasoned Chicken Breast, Roasted Garlic & Herb  
Selects Slow Roasted Turkey Breast  
Selects Uncured Turkey Bacon  
Selects, Bacon  
Selects, Bacon, Smoked Uncured  
Selects, Slow Roasted Turkey Breast  
Slider Melts, Turkey & Provolone  
Slow Roasted Chicken Breast  
Slow Roasted Cured Roast Beef Slow Roasted, Shaved  
Slow Roasted Roast Beef  
Slow Roasted Roast Beef  
Slow Roasted Roast Beef cured Slow Roasted, Cured, Family Size