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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Olive Garden

Name Description Access Level
Caesar Salad without croutons GLUTEN-FREE SELECTIONS - Caesar Salad without croutons  
Caffé la Toscana Coffee NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Caffé la Toscana Coffee  
Caffe la Toscana Coffee  
Caffé Latte NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Caffé Latte  
Caffe Latte  
Caffe Latte  
Caffé Mocha NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Caffé Mocha  
Caffe Mocha  
Caffe Mocha  
Calamari (Create a Sampler portion) APPETIZERS - Calamari (Create a Sampler portion)  
Calamari Add Marinara Sauce  
Calamari Add Parmesan-Peppercorn Sauce  
Calamari, Add Spicy Parm Ranch  
Cannoli, Chocolate  
Cannoli, Strawberry  
Cannoli, Traditional  
Capellini di Mare  
Capellini Pomodoro LUNCH ENTREES - Capellini Pomodoro  
Capellini Pomodoro - Lunch Entree Lunch Entrées - Lighter Italian Fare - Capellini Pomodoro  
Capellini Pomodoro, Dinner Portion  
Capellini Pomodoro, Lunch Portion  
Cappuccino NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Cappuccino  
Cappuccino Viva Italiano  
Cappuccino with Whipped Cream NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Cappuccino with Whipped Cream  
Cappuccino with Whipped Cream  
Caprese Flatbread APPETIZERS, LUNCH ENTREES - Caprese Flatbread  
Caprese Flatbread  
Captain Morgan Original & Coke  
Caramel Amaretto Macchiato  
Caramel Hazelnut Macchiato  
Caramel Hazelnut Macchiato NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES - Caramel Hazelnut Macchiato  
Caramel Hazelnut Macchiato  
Carne Dinner Entrées - Pesce (Fish & Seafood) - Carne (Beef & Pork)  
Catering, Alfredo Sauce  
Catering, Alfredo Sauce for Fried Mozzarella  
Catering, Almond Syrup  
Catering, Amaretto Tiramisu Dolcini  
Catering, Asiago Tortelloni with Grilled Chicken  
Catering, Bellini Peach-Raspberry Iced Tea  
Catering, Black Tie Mousse Cake  
Catering, Blackberry-Pineapple Iced Tea  
Catering, Braised Beef & Tortelloni