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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Old El Paso

Name Description Access Level
Flour Tortillas  
Flour Tortillas  
Flour Tortillas  
Flour Tortillas for Burritos Flour, for Burritos  
Flour Tortillas for Soft Tacos & Fajitas Flour  
Flour Tortillas, for Burritos for Burritos  
Flour Tortillas, For Soft Tacos & Fajitas. For Soft Tacos & Fajitas.  
Fold 'n Go  
Fold 'n Go Gordita, Ranchero Bean & Cheese  
Fresh Salsa, Blackbean & Corn  
Fresh Salsa, Medium  
Fresh Salsa, Mild with Cilantro  
Gordita Dinner Kit  
Gordita Dinner Kit Gordita  
Gordita, Turkey Chorizo and Cheese  
Grade A Sour Cream  
Grade A Sour Cream  
Green Chile Enchilada Sauce  
Green Chiles, Chopped  
Green Chiles, Whole  
Guacamole Seasoning Mix  
Guacamole, Chunky  
Hamburger Helper Southwest Pasta  
Hard & Soft Taco Dinner Kit, Stand 'n Stuff  
Hard Taco Dinner Kit, Smart Fiesta  
Honey Chipotle Chicken Bowl  
Hot Taco Sauce Hot  
Hot Thick N' Chunky Salsa  
Jalapeno Pepper Slices, Pickled  
Jalapeno Slices Pickled  
Jalapeno Slices, Hot  
Japanese Inspired Teriyaki World Taco Kit  
Japanese Inspired Teriyaki World Taco Kit  
Korean Inspired BBQ World Taco Kit  
Meal Starter Tortilla Stuffers, Garlic Chili Chicken Garlic Chili Chicken  
Meal Starter, Mesquite Chicken Mesquite Chicken  
Medium Taco Sauce  
Medium Thick 'n Chunky Salsa Thick n' Chunky, Medium  
Medium Tortillas  
Mexican Rice Mexican  
Mexican Style 4 Cheese Blend  
Mexican Style Rice & Beef  
Mexican Style Taco Cheese Blend, Mild  
Mild Chopped Green Chiles  
Mild Creamy Queso Sauce