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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Ocean Spray

Name Description Access Level
Cran & Watermelon  
Cran America Cranberry, Concord Grape, Blueberry  
Cran America, Juice Drink from Concentrate, Cranberry, Concord Grape, and Blueberry  
Cran Apple  
Cran Apple 100% Vitamin C  
Cran Apple Drink  
Cran Apple Juice  
Cran Apple Juice Drink  
Cran Blueberry  
Cran Energy Juice Drink, Cranberry  
Cran Energy Juice Drink, Pomegranate  
Cran Energy Juice Drink, Raspberry  
Cran Energy, Cranberry  
Cran Grape  
Cran Grape Cran-Grape  
Cran Grape Diet Juice Drink  
Cran Grape Drink  
Cran Grape Juice  
Cran Grape Juice Drink  
Cran Lemonade  
Cran Lemonade  
Cran Mango Juice Drink  
Cran Pineapple Juice Drink  
Cran Pineapple Juice Drink  
Cran Pomegranate Fruit Drink Blend  
Cran Raspberry Flavored Juice Drink  
Cran Raspberry Juice  
Cran Raspberry Juice  
Cran Raspberry Juice Drink  
Cran Tea  
Cran Tropical  
Cran Tropical Flavored Juice Drink with 3 Juices  
Cran Tropical Juice Drink  
Cran Tropical with Cranberry, Mango, Guava, Orange Flavor  
Cran Watermelon Juice  
Cran Watermelon Juice Drink  
Cran x Dragon Fruit Flavor Juice Drink  
Cran-America Juice Drink  
Cran-Apple Corn Syrup  
Cran-Apple Juice  
Cran-Apple Juice  
Cran-Apple Juice Drink  
Cran-Apple Juice Drink Cran-Apple