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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in National Coney Island

Name Description Access Level
Kids Chocolate Chip Cakes with Sausage  
Kids Coney Dog with Apple Sauce  
Kids Coney Dog with Fries  
Kids Fish with Apple Sauce  
Kids Fish with Fries  
Kids French Toast  
Kids French Toast with Bacon  
Kids French Toast with Ham  
Kids French Toast with Sausage  
Kids Grilled Cheese with Apple Sauce  
Kids Grilled Cheese with Fries  
Kids Hamburger with Apple Sauce  
Kids Hamburger with Fries  
Kids Hot Dog with Apple Sauce  
Kids Hot Dog with Fries  
Kids Mac & Cheese with Apple Sauce  
Kids Mac & Cheese with Fries  
Kids Pancakes  
Kids Pancakes with Bacon  
Kids Pancakes with Ham  
Kids Pancakes with Sausage  
Large Hani  
Large Hani Special Sandwich  
Lava Cake (without ice cream)  
Lemonade, 24 oz.  
Lemonade, 32 oz.  
Lite-Bite Plate with buffalo patty  
Lite-Bite Plate with chicken  
Lite-Bite Plate with Tuna salad  
Mello Yello, 24 oz.  
Mello Yello, 32 oz.  
Milk, 16 oz.  
Minestrone Soup, Bowl  
Minestrone Soup, Cup  
Mr. Papadopoulos Favorite Burger  
Mushroom & Swiss Burger  
Mushroom & Swiss Omelette  
Nacho Supreme  
Natural Casing Coney Franks  
Natural Casing Coney Franks  
New York Style Cheese Cake  
Oatmeal with Milk  
Onion Rings  
Oreo Cookie Milk Shake  
Palmer, 24 oz.