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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Morningstar Farms

Name Description Access Level
Asian Veggie Patties  
Asian Veggie Patty kosher dairy  
Baja Black Bean Veggie Pizza, Single Serve  
Better'n Eggs, Egg Substitute kosher dairy  
Breaded Veggie Bites, Eggs Florentine Eggs Florentine  
Breaded Veggie Bites, Mushroom Mozzarella Mushroom Mozzarella  
Breaded Veggie Patties, Parmesan Ranch Parmesan Ranch  
Breakfast Bites, Plant Based  
Breakfast Pattie made with organic soy  
Breakfast Patties, Made with Organic soy Made with Organic soy  
Breakfast Patty, Vegetarian Worthington Foods  
Breakfast Sandwich English Muffin, Scramblers, Pattie, Cheese  
Breakfast Sandwiches, Southwest Sunrise  
Buffalo Chik Patties  
Buffalo Chik Patties  
Buffalo Wings kosher dairy  
Buffalo Wings, Veggie  
Buffalo Wings, Veggie, Family Size  
Burger Crumbles, Vegetarian Worthington Foods  
Burger Patties  
Burger, Chipotle Black Bean Burger  
Burger, Plant Based, Quinoa  
Burger, Vegetarian Worthington Foods, Spicy Black Bean  
Burgers, Garden Veggie  
Burgers, Vegan, Steakhouse Style  
Cheddar Veggie Burger kosher dairy  
Cheeze Sausages, Smoked Cheddar, Plant-Based  
Chick'n Nuggets, Vegan, Veggie  
Chik Patties Original Chik'n, Original Chik Patties  
Chik Patties Original  
Chik Patties, Italian Herb  
Chik Patties, Original breaded, kosher dairy  
Chik Patties, Parmesan Ranch, Vegetarian breaded, kosher dairy  
Chik'N Fries, Pringles Original Flavored  
Chik'n Fries, Scorchin' Cheddar Cheeze Flavored, Plant-Based  
Chik'n Nuggets kosher dairy  
Chik'n Nuggets, Vegan, Veggie, BBQ  
Chik'n Nuggets, Veggie Sweet Mustard  
Chik'n Nuggets, Veggie Zesty Ranch  
Chik'n Strips 'Meal Starters', made with natural ingredients  
Chik'n Strips, Veggie, Value Pack  
Chik'n Tenders, Original Original  
Chik'n Tenders, Original kosher dairy  
Chili Pot Pie, with Cornbread with Cornbread  
Chili, Three-Bean W/Griller's Crumbles Three-Bean W/Griller's Crumbles