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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Morningstar Farms

Name Description Access Level
Veggie Chicken, Chik'n Nuggets Chik'n Nuggets  
Veggie Chicken, Italian Marinara Chik'n Italian Marinara Chik'n  
Veggie Chik'n & Cheese Taquito Bites  
Veggie Chik'n Nuggets  
Veggie Chik'n Strips  
Veggie Chik'n Strips, Vegan 'Meal Starters' cooked chicken substitute, kosher dairy  
Veggie Chorizo Nacho Bites  
Veggie Corn Dog corn batter  
Veggie Corn Dog, Mini corn batter, no stick  
Veggie Corn Dogs  
Veggie Corn Dogs, Classics Corn Dogs  
Veggie Crumbles  
Veggie Crumbles, Chorizo  
Veggie Crumbles, Chorizo, Value Pack  
Veggie Crumbles, Sausage-Style Recipe Sausage-Style Recipe  
Veggie Crumbles, Value Pack  
Veggie Dog 'America's Original'  
Veggie Dogs  
Veggie Dogs  
Veggie Dogs, Mini Corn Dogs Mini Corn Dogs  
Veggie Grillers Crumbles  
Veggie Meatballs  
Veggie Medley Burger made with organic soy  
Veggie Okara Pattie  
veggie Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich  
Veggie Sausage Links kosher dairy  
Veggie Sausage Patties  
Veggie Sausage Patties, Maple Flavored Maple Flavored  
Veggie Sausage Patty kosher dairy  
Veggie Sausages, Chik' N Sausages, Plant-Based, Roasted Garlic  
Veggie Scramble with Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches  
Veggie Spicy Popcorn Chik'n  
Veggie Steak Strips 'Meal Starters', made with natural ingredients  
Veggie Steak Strips, Vegan 'Meal Starters' cooked steak substitute, kosher dairy  
Viggie Dogs, Corn Dogs made with natural ingredients  
Wings, Veggie, Parmesan Garlic  
Zesty Tomato Basil Burger made with organic soy