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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Meijer

Name Description Access Level
Light Yogurt, Strawberry Cheesecake  
Light Yogurt, Vanilla  
Lightly Salted Potato Chips  
Lightly Salted With Sea Salt Pecans Halves- Roasted  
Lightly Salted, Cashews  
Lima Beans  
Lima Beans  
Lima Beans  
Lima Beans, Large Large  
Lime Juice  
Lime Juice, Reconstituted Reconstituted  
Lime Sherbet  
Lime Water Beverage  
Limited Edition Easter Bunny Dark Chocolate  
Liquid Egg White  
Liquid Egg Whites  
Liquid Sweetener  
Liquid Sweetener, Zero Calories  
Liquid Water Enhancer with Electrolytes, Blue Raspberry  
Liquid Water Enhancer, Fruit Punch  
LIquid Water Enhancer, Groovy Grape  
Liquid Water Enhancer, Groovy Grape!  
Liquid Water Enhancer, Lemonade  
Liquid Water Enhancer, Orange Tangerine  
Liquid Water Enhancer, Raspberry Black Tea  
Liquid Water Enhancer, Strawberry Watermelon  
Liquid Water Enhancer, Wacky Wild Cherry!  
Liquid Water Enhancer, Wild Berry  
Lite Coconut Milk  
Lite Italian Dressing  
Lite Mayonnaise  
Lite Mayonnaise  
Lite Non-Dairy Creamer  
Lite Syrup  
Lite Syrup  
Lite Whipped Dressing  
Loaded Mashed Potatoes  
Loaded Meat Pizza  
Loaded Meat Take & Bake Pizza  
Loaded Smashed Potato Salad  
Lobster Deluxe, Imitation Lobster Meat  
London Broil Roast Beef