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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in McDonalds

Name Description Access Level
French Fries - Large  
French Fries - Medium  
French Fries - Small  
Fruit 'n Yogurt Parfait  
Fruitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness - Child  
Fruitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness - Large  
Fruitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness - Medium  
Fruitopia Strawberry Passion Awareness - Small  
Garden Entree Salad  
Garden Entree Salad with Warm Crispy Chicken  
Garden Entree Salad with Warm Grilled Chicken  
Grilled Caesar Chicken Snack Wrap  
Grilled Chicken Classic Sandwich  
Grilled Chicken Snack Wrap  
Hash Browns  
Hazelnut Iced Coffee - Small  
Honey Sauce  
Hot Chocolate (Small)  
Hotcakes with Syrup and BecelMargarine  
Iced Coffee - Small  
Junior Chicken sandwich  
McChicken sandwich  
McFlurry Dessert - Kit Kat, Small  
McFlurry Dessert - Oreo, Small  
McFlurry Dessert - Rolo, Small  
McFlurry Dessert - Smarties, Small  
Monterey Jack Cheese and Tomato sandwich  
Muffin - Blueberry  
Muffin - Carrot  
Muffin - Cranberry Orange  
Muffin - Double Chocolate with OREO Cookies  
Muffin - Fruit & Fibre  
Muffin - Golden Bran & Raisin  
Nestea Iced Tea - Child  
Nestea Iced Tea - Large  
Nestea Iced Tea - Medium  
Nestea Iced Tea - Small  
NEWMAN'S OWN Creamy Caesar Dressing  
NEWMAN'S OWN Low Fat Family Recipe Italian Dressing  
NEWMAN'S OWN Low Fat Sesame Thai Dressing  
NEWMAN'S OWN Ranch Dressing  
One Chicken Fajita  
Orange Juice - Medium  
Orange Juice - Small