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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in McDonalds

Name Description Access Level
'Original Recipe' McDonaldland Cookies  
Angus Burger  
Angus Burger with Bacon and Cheddar  
Apple Juice  
Apple Slices with Caramel Dip  
Bacon & Egg Bagel  
Bacon 'n Egg McMuffin sandwich  
Bacon Cheeseburger  
Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles sandwich  
Baked Apple Pie  
Baked Blueberry Pie  
Barbeque Sauce  
Barq's Root Beer - Child  
Barq's Root Beer - Large  
Barq's Root Beer - Medium  
Barq's Root Beer - Small  
Big Breakfast  
Big Mac sandwich  
Big Xtra sandwich  
BLT sandwich  
Breakfast BLT Bagel  
Breakfast Burrito  
Caesar Chicken Snack Wrap  
Caesar Entree Salad  
Caesar Entree Salad with Warm Grilled Chicken  
Caesar Entree Salad with Warm Crispy Chicken  
Chicken McNuggets  
Chicken Snack Wrap  
Chocolate Melts  
Cinnamon Melts  
Coca-Cola - Child  
Coca-Cola - Large  
Coca-Cola - Medium  
Coca-Cola - Small  
Cone - Vanilla  
Crispy Chicken Classic Sandwich  
Diet Coke - Child  
Diet Coke - Large  
Diet Coke - Medium  
Diet Coke - Small  
Double Cheeseburger  
Egg McMuffin sandwich  
English Muffin with Trans Fat Free Liquid Margarine  
Filet-O-Fish sandwich