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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Loma Linda

Name Description Access Level
Pineapple & Brown Rice Plant-Based Hawaiian Bowl  
Plant-Based Chik'n BBQ Sauce  
Plant-Based Goodness Taco Filling  
Plant-Based Goodness, Southwest Bowl with Chipotle Peppers  
Plant-Based Sweet Potato Harvest Bowl  
Redi-Burger Patty, Vegan meat-free burger; kosher dairy  
Redi-Burger, Vegan Vegan  
Sesame Ginger Fishless Tuna  
Sloppy Joe  
Southwest Bowl with Chipotle Peppers  
Southwest Chunky Stew, with Rice  
Spicy Tuna with Sriracha  
Super-Links Vegetarian Hot Dogs  
Sweet Potato Harvest Bowl  
Sweet Potato Harvest Bowl, with Quinoa & Pinto Beans  
Swiss Stake with Gravy meat-free; kosher dairy  
Taco Filling  
Taco Filling, Vegetarian  
Tender Bits, Made with Grain Protein Made with Grain Protein  
Tender Bits, Vegan meat-free rounds; kosher dairy  
Tender Rounds meat-free 'meatballs'; kosher dairy  
Thai Green Curry  
Thai Red Curry, with Coconut and Mock Duk  
Thai Sweet Chili Fishless Tuna  
Tikka Masala with Chik'n and Rice  
Tuno in Spring Water, with Natural Sea Salt Added  
Tuno, in Spring Water  
Tuno, Lemon Pepper  
Tuno, Thai Sweet Chili  
Ultimate Chili with Pinto & Red Kidney Beans  
Ultimate Vegetarian Chili  
Vege-Burger, Vegan meat-free crumbles; kosher dairy  
Vegetable Skallops  
Vegetable Steaks  
Vegetarian Chili  
Vegetarian Mushroom Gravy Mix, Fat Free  
Veggie Corn Dog meat-free corn dog  
Veja-Links Vegetarian Hot Dogs  
Veja-Links, Vegetable & Grain Protein