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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Lamb Weston

Name Description Access Level
Long Branch Fries  
Mashed Potatoes, Golden Supreme  
Mashed Potatoes, Homestyle  
Mashed Potatoes, Roasted Garlic  
Mini Bakers Potato Slices  
Mini CrissCut Fries (skin-on)  
Mini Potato Pancakes Hash Browns  
MunchSkins Potato Skins  
My Fries Gold 5/16" Regular Cut Fries  
My Fries Gold CrissCut Fries  
My Fries Gold skin-on 3/8" Regular Cuts Fries  
My Fries Gold Thin Concertinas Fries  
My Fries Skin-on Shoestrings Fries  
Natural CrissCut Fries  
Natural Juliennes Fries  
Natural Regular Cut Fries  
Natural Shoestrings Fries  
Natural Thin Regular Cut (Skin-on) Fries  
Natural Thin Regular Cut Fries  
Natural Trim Fries  
Natural Wedge Cut Fries  
Onion Strings  
Onion Strips  
Original Mashed Potatos  
Original Recipe CrispyCubes  
Original Recipe CrissCut Seasoned Fries  
Original Recipe Regular Cut Seasoned Fries  
Original Recipe Thin Regular Cut Seasoned Fries  
Original Recipe Twister Seasoned Fries  
Original Recipe WaveLength Seasoned Fries  
Original Recipe Wedge Cut Seasoned Fries  
Oven Crinkles Fries  
Oven Roasted Potato Medley  
Oven Shoestrings Fries  
Pinwheel Wedges  
Platter Fries  
Platter Fries (Skin-on)  
Potato Fries, Hand Cut Style  
Potato Pancakes  
Potato Stix  
Preformed Onion Rings  
Puf-Ettes with Vitamin C added Hash Browns  
Queso Dip Nside  
Queso dipNside Hash Browns  
Quick Cook IQF Hash Browns