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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Kona Grill

Name Description Access Level
Chicken & Shrimp Lettuce Wraps Appetizers - Chicken + Shrimp Lettuce Wraps  
Chicken + Shrimp Romaine Wraps Appetizers - Chicken + Shrimp Romaine Wraps  
Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry  
Chicken Caprese Sandwich Sandwiches & Noodles - Chicken Caprese Sandwich  
Chicken Chili Salads & Soups - Chicken Chili  
Chicken Satay Appetizers - Chicken Satay  
Chili Lime Shrimp Salad Salads & Soups - Chili Lime Shrimp Salad  
Chocolate Butter Cake  
Cilantro Lime Chicken  
Clam Chowder Salads & Soups - Clam Chowder  
Club Sandwiches + Noodles - Club  
Coconut Rum Cake  
Coconut Shrimp Roll Sushi - Coconut Shrimp Roll  
Crab Sushi - Crab  
Crab Crunch Roll Sushi - Crab Crunch Roll  
Crab Sashimi Sushi - Crab Sashimi  
Crab Special Roll Sushi - Crab Special Roll  
Crispy Brussels Sprouts  
Crispy Korean Sandwich  
Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll  
Cuban Sandwich  
Cucumber Roll Sushi - Cucumber Roll  
Cucumber Salad Sushi - Cucumber Salad  
Dragon Roll Sushi - Dragon Roll  
Edamame (Soybeans), Angry  
Edamame (Soybeans), Original  
Eel Cucumber Roll Sushi - Eel Cucumber Roll  
Fiery Shrimp Roll Sushi - Fiery Shrimp Roll  
Firecracker Sashimi  
Five Spice Barbeque Chicken Pizza  
Flamingo Roll  
French Dip  
French Fries  
Fresh Fish Entrees - Fresh Fish  
Freshwater Eel Sushi - Freshwater Eel  
Freshwater Eel Sashimi Sushi - Freshwater Eel Sashimi  
Garlic Shrimp Cavatappi - Dinner Sandwiches + Noodles - Garlic Shrimp Cavatappi - Dinner  
Garlic Shrimp Cavatappi - Lunch Sandwiches + Noodles - Garlic Shrimp Cavatappi - Lunch  
Garlic Shrimp Pizza  
Greek Salad  
Green Beans  
Grilled Apple & Brie Flatbread Flatbread - Grilled Apple + Brie  
Grilled Asparagus Salad Salads & Soups - Grilled Asparagus Salad  
Grilled Chicken & Pear Salad  
Grilled Chicken Wrap Sandwiches + Noodles - Grilled Chicken Wrap