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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Kid Cuisine

Name Description Access Level
All American Chicken Breast Nuggets Entree  
All American Fried Chicken  
All American Fried Chicken Entree 'All American' drumsticks w/corn, chocolate pudding  
All Star Chicken Breast Nuggets  
Beef Taco Dippers Entree 'Fiesta' w/apple sauce, mini nacho chips  
Bug Safari Chicken Breast Nuggets Entree w/corn, mac & cheese, gummy snacks  
Carnival Corn Dog  
Carnival Corn Dog Lunch 'Carnival' w/fries, chocolate pudding  
Cheese Beef Patty Bun  
Cheese Blaster Mac & Cheese Entree 'Cheese Blaster' w/corn, fruit roll  
Cheese Pizza Lunch 'Painter' w/peaches, chocolate pudding  
Cheese Pizza Strips Lunch 'Dip & Dunk' w/dip sauce, corn, fruit snacks  
Cheeseburger Entree 'Builder' w/corn, fries  
Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas, Fiesta Fiesta  
Chicken Breast Nuggets  
Chicken Breast Nuggets All Star  
Chicken Breast Nuggets, All American  
Chicken Breast Strips, Grip-n-Dip Grip-n-Dip  
Chicken Nuggets Dinner, Frozen 'Cosmic' macaroni/cheese/corn/pudding  
Chicken Nuggets, All Star  
Chicken Sandwich, KC's Karate Chop KC's Karate Chop  
Confetti Corn Dogs  
Constructor Beef Patty Sandwich Entree  
Corn Dogs, Mini  
Deep Sea Adventure Fish Sticks Entree 'Deep Sea Adventure' w/corn, mac & cheese, gummy sharks  
Dip & Dunk Toasted Ravioli, Cheese Cheese  
Dip and Dunk Cheese Pizza Strips  
Fish Sticks Deep Sea Adventure  
Ham 'N Cheese Ropers, Cowboy KC's Cowboy KC's  
KC's Campfire Hot Dog  
KC's Primo Pepperoni Double Stuffed Crust Pizza, Meal Meal  
KC's Primo Pepperoni Pizza  
Mac & Cheese Shrek-ified  
Mac & Cheese Bites  
Magical Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza  
Magical Pizza, Cheese Stuffed Crust Cheese Stuffed Crust  
Mini Corn Dogs Mini Corn Dogs  
Nuggets, Dino  
Pancakes, Flip n' Dip Flip n' Dip  
Pepperoni Pizza Lunch 'KC's Primo' w/applesauce, fruit snacks  
Pizza, Cheese Stuffed Crust  
Pop Star Popcorn Chicken Entree 'Pop Star' w/fries, corn, chocolate pudding  
Popcorn Chicken, Pop Star Pop Star  
Quesadillas, Cheese  
Rock 'n Roll Taco Roll-Ups, with Beef with Beef