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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Kentucky Fried Chicken

Name Description Access Level
Lipton Brisk Green with Peach Tea medium  
Lipton Brisk Green with Peach Tea Small  
Lipton Brisk Raspberry Tea Extra Large  
Lipton Brisk Raspberry Tea Large  
Lipton Brisk Raspberry Tea medium  
Lipton Brisk Raspberry Tea Small  
Lipton Brisk Tea Extra Large  
Lipton Brisk Tea Large  
Lipton Brisk Tea medium  
Lipton Brisk Tea Small  
Macaroni and Cheese  
Macaroni Salad  
Mashed Potatoes with Gravy  
Mashed Potatoes without Gravy  
Milk 2%  
Miranda Strawberry Extra Large  
Miranda Strawberry Large  
Miranda Strawberry medium  
Miranda Strawberry Small  
Mott's 100% Apple Juice  
Mug Root Beer Extra Large  
Mug Root Beer Large  
Mug Root Beer medium  
Mug Root Beer Small  
OR Chicken BLT Salad without Dressing  
OR Chicken Caesar Salad without Dressing & Croutons  
OR Chicken- Breast  
OR Chicken- Drumstick  
OR Chicken- Thigh  
OR Chicken- Whole Wing  
OR Chicken-Breast without skin or breading  
OR Filet Sandwich  
OR Filet Sandwich without Sauce  
OR Strips (2)  
OR Strips (3)  
Oven Roasted Twister  
Oven Roasted Twister without Sauce  
Parmesan Garlic Croutons Pouch (1)  
Pecan Pie Slice  
Pepsi Extra Large  
Pepsi Large  
Pepsi medium  
Pepsi Small  
Popcorn Chicken-Individual  
Popcorn Chicken-Kids