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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Kellogg's

Name Description Access Level
Whole Grain Cereal, Wild Animal Crunch Wild Animal Crunch  
Whole Grain Madagascar Vanilla Waffles  
Whole Grain Pop Tarts, Fudge  
Whole Grain Pop Tarts, Strawberry  
Wild Berry Froot Loops  
Wild Berry Froot Loops  
Wildlicious Frosted wild Berry  
with Bananas Raisin Bran  
Yogos Bits Crashers, Berry Melon Mania  
Yogos Bits Crashers, Tangy Rainbow Splash  
Yogos Bits, Crazy Berries  
Yogos Bits, Island Explosion  
Yogos Bits, Strawberry Slam  
Yogos Bits, Variety Pack  
Yogos Rollers, Orange Cream  
Yogos Rollers, Punch-A-Licious Yogurty striped fruit flavored rolls.  
Yogos Rollers, Strawberry Splits  
Yogos Sour Bits, Bitin' Berry Blast  
Yogos Sour Bits, Big Bitin' Apple  
Yogurty Covered Fruit Flavored Bits, Bitin' Berry Blast Bitin' Berry Blast  
Yogurty Covered Fruit Flavored Bits, Island Explosion Island Explosion  
Zesta Saltine Crackers  
Zucaritas Cereal  
Zucaritas Frosted Corn Flakes  
Zucaritas, Cereal