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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Johnny Rockets

Name Description Access Level
Special Sauce  
Special Sauce (Topping Only)  
Sprite Beverages - Sprite®  
Sprite (12 Fuid Ounces)  
Sprite (20 Fuid Ounces)  
Sprite, 12 Fluid Ounces  
Sprite, 16 Fluid Ounces  
Sprite, 20 Fluid Ounces  
Sprite, 24 Fluid Ounces  
St. Louis Hamburger  
Strawberry Banana Shake Shakes & Floats - StrawberryBanana - Deluxe Shakes & Malts  
Strawberry Banana Shake With Malt Powder  
Strawberry Oreo Crumble Shake Shakes & Floats - StrawberryOreo®Crumble - Deluxe Shakes & Malts  
Strawberry Oreo Crumble Shake With Malt Powder  
Strawberry Shake Shakes & Floats - Strawberry - Original  
Strawberry Shake  
Strawberry Shake With Malt Powder  
Strawberry Shake, Kids  
Strawberry-Banana Shake  
Strawberry-Banana Shake, Kids  
Streamliner Hamburgers - Streamliner®  
Streamliner Hamburger  
Substitute Chicken Breast Hamburgers - SubstituteChickenBreast - Toppings & Options  
Substitute Soy Boca Burger Hamburgers - SubstituteSoyBoca®Burger - Toppings & Options  
Substitute Turkey Patty Hamburgers - SubstituteTurkeyPatty - Toppings & Options  
Substitute Wheat Bun Hamburgers - SubstituteWheatBun - Toppings & Options  
Super Sundae Desserts - Super Sundae  
Super Sundae with Hershey's Chocolate Sauce Desserts - SuperSundaewithHershey'sChocolateSauce  
Super Sundae with Hot Fudge Desserts - SuperSundaewithHotFudge  
Super Sundae with Strawberry Sauce Desserts - SuperSundaewithStrawberrySauce  
Sweet Potato Fries Starters & Shareables - SweetPotatoFries  
Sweet Potato Fries - Chicken/Sandwiches/Hot Dogs Side Chicken Sandwiches Hot Dogs - SweetPotatoFries - Chicken/Sandwiches/Hot Dogs Side  
Sweet Potato Fries - Hamburger Side Hamburgers - SweetPotatoFries - Hamburger Side  
Sweet Potato Fries - Philly Cheese Steak Side Philly Cheese Steak - SweetPotatoFries - Philly Cheese Steak Side  
Sweet Potato Fries - Rocket Melts Side Rocket Melts - SweetPotatoFries - Rocket Melts Side  
Sweet Potato Fries, Side  
Swiss Cheese Hamburgers - AddSwissCheese - Toppings & Options  
Swiss Cheese (Topping Only)  
Swiss Cheese Slice Toppings & Options - Swiss Cheese Slice  
The "Works" Breakfast - The"Works"  
The Original Burger Hamburgers - TheOriginal  
The Original Burger With Bun Choice Gluten Free  
The Original Burger With Bun Choice Gluten Free, Burger Patty Choice Beef Burger