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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Ian's Natural Foods

Name Description Access Level
Allergen Free - Alphatots  
Allergen Free - Chicken Fingers Kids Meal  
Allergen Free - Chicken Nuggets  
Allergen Free - Chicken Patties  
Allergen Free - Fish Sticks  
Allergen Free - French Bread Pizza - Soy Cheese  
Allergen Free - Lightly Battered Fish  
Allergen Free - Mac & Meat Sauce  
Allergen Free - Mac & No Cheese  
Baja Fish Nuggets  
Buffalo Chicken Fingers  
Chicken Nuggets  
Chicken Nuggets Kids Meal  
Chicken Patties  
Chicken Stix  
Cookie Buttons - Chocolate Chip  
Cookie Buttons - Crunchy Cinnamon  
Egg & Maple Cheddar Wafflewich  
Fish Sticks  
French Bread Pizza - Cheesy  
French Toast Sticks  
French Toast Sticks - Cinnamon and Honey  
FruitaBits - Berry Cherry  
FruitaBits - Sour Apple & Cherry  
Go Bars - Apple Pie  
Go Bars - Cinnamon Bun  
Grilled Cheese Stuffed Pretzel Stix  
Jungle Mix2Go  
Maple Sausage & Egg Wafflewich  
MegaMix - BBQ  
MegaMix - Lightly-Salted  
MegaMix - White Cheddar  
Mini Cheeseburgers  
Mini Chicken Patty Sandwiches  
Nacho Stuffed Pretzel Stix  
Onion Rings & Strings  
Organic Cheddar Crackers  
Organic Chicken Tenders - Italian Style  
Organic Cookie Buttons - Chocolate Chip  
Organic Cookie Buttons - Vanilla Wafer  
Organic Wheat Crackers  
Panko Breadcrumbs - Italian  
Panko Breadcrumbs - Original  
Panko Breadcrumbs - Whole Wheat  
PB4me! - Creamy