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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Hormel

Name Description Access Level
Hormel Cure 81 unsliced whole ham  
Hormel Premium Chunk Breast of Chicken  
Hormel Premium Chunk White Turkey  
Hormel Real Bacon Bits  
Hot & Spicy Pepperoni  
Hot & Spicy Pepperoni  
Hot Chili No Beans  
Hot Chili with Beans  
Hot Chili With Beans  
Hot Dog Sauce  
Hot Dogs, Beef Beef  
Hot Sopressata  
Hot Sopressata Salami  
Hydrolyte Drink, Thickened Water with Lemon Thickened Water with Lemon  
Hydrolyte Drink, with Lemon with Lemon  
Indian Inspired Chicken Tikka Masala  
Instant Broth & Seasoning, Beef Bouillon  
Instant Whey Protein  
Italian Style Lasagna with Meat Sauce  
Italian Style Pork Roast  
Jalapeno Thick Cut Bacon  
Jalepeno Bacon  
Juice Blend, Orange, with Fiber Orange, with Fiber  
Juice Cocktail, Thickened, Cranberry Thickened, Cranberry  
Juice, Apple, with Fiber Apple, with Fiber  
Juice, Thickened, Honey Consistency, Orange Thickened, Honey Consistency, Orange  
Juice, Thickened, Nectar Consistency, Orange Thickened, Nectar Consistency, Orange  
Kirkland Signature, Bacon  
Lasagna with Meat Sauce  
Lasagna with Meat Sauce  
Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Microwave Cup  
Lasagna, with Meat Sauce with Meat Sauce  
Lean Boneless Center Cut Pork Loin Half  
Lean Boneless Center Cut, Pork Loin  
Lemon Garlic Loin Filet  
Lemon Pepper Pasta, with Chicken with Chicken  
Less Sodium Chili No Beans  
Less Sodium Chili With Beans  
Less Sodium with Beans with Beans, Less Sodium  
Little Sizzlers Pork Sausage  
Little Sizzlers Pork Sausage  
Little Sizzlers Pork Sausage, Hot & Spicy  
Little Sizzlers, Pork Sausage  
Loaded Mashed Potatoes  
Loin, At Bnls Center Cut Half At Bnls Center Cut Half