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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Hood

Name Description Access Level
1% Low Fat Milk  
1% Lowfat Milk  
1% Lowfat Milk  
1% Lowfat Milk  
1% Lowfat Milk  
1% Milkfat Lowfat Cottage Cheese  
100% Juice, Orange Orange  
100% Orange Juice  
100% Orange Juice  
100% Orange Juice  
2% Reduced Fat Milk  
2% Reduced Fat Milk  
2% Reduced Fat Milk  
2% Reduced Fat Milk, Vitamins A & D  
4% Cottage Cheese with Maple & Vanilla  
4% Cottage Cheese with Pineapple  
4% Cottage Cheese with Strawberry  
4% Cottage Cheese, with Blueberry added Small Curd  
Apple Juice 100% juice from conc  
Apple Juice, 100% from Concentrate 100% from Concentrate  
Berry Chocolate Crumble Frozen Yogurt  
Blueberry Lowfat Yogurt  
Boo Struck, Vanilla Reduced Fat Milk  
Buttermilk, Cultured, Fat Free Cultured, Fat Free  
Buttermilk, Cultured, Fat Free  
Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage  
Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage, 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate 2% Reduced Fat Chocolate  
Chocolate Dipped Sundae Cones  
Chocolate Fat Free Milk  
Chocolate Hazelnut Chip Frozen Yogurt  
Chocolate Ice Cream  
Chocolate Lowfat Milk  
Chocolate Lowfat Milk, 1% Milkfat  
Chocolate Lowfat Milk, Moostruck  
Chocolate Lowfat Milk. 1% Milkfat  
Chocolate Milk  
Chocolate Milk, 1% Bf  
Chocolate Milk, Low Fat  
Coffee Creamer  
Coffee Creamer, Country Creamer French Vanilla Country Creamer French Vanilla  
Coffee Creamer, Country Creamer Hazelnut Country Creamer Hazelnut  
Coffee Creamer, Fat Free Fat Free  
Coffee Milk, 1% Bf lowfat milk  
Cottage Cheese  
Cottage Cheese