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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Health Valley

Name Description Access Level
14 Garden Vegetable Soup, Nonfat, Rts  
5 Bean Vegetable Soup 5 Bean Vegetable  
5 Bean Vegetable Soup, Nonfat, Rts  
Amaranth Flakes Cereal Organic  
Amazing Apple! Hot Cereal w/cinnamon  
Apple Bakes, Fat-Free Fat-Free  
Apple Cobbler Multigrain Cereal Bars Multigrain, Apple Cobbler  
Apple Or Apricot Cookie, Nonfat Apple Spice, Apricot Delight  
Baked Apple Tarts, Low Fat Low Fat  
Banana Gone Nuts! Hot Cereal  
Bars, Chocolate Chocolate  
Bars, Cinnamon Apple Cinnamon Apple  
Bars, Fudge Brownie Fudge Brownie  
Bars, Wild Berry Wild Berry  
Beef Flavored Broth, Nonfat Organic  
Beef Flavored Broth, Nonfat, No Added Salt  
Beef Noodle Soup  
Biscotti Style Cookie, Lowfat Amaretto or Chocolate  
Black Bean & Vegetable Soup, Nonfat, Rts  
Black Bean Soup, Lowfat, Rts Organic  
Black Bean Soup, No Added Salt, Rts Organic  
Blue Corn Flakes  
Blue Corn Flakes Cereal Organic  
Blueberry Bliss, Crunches & Flakes Crunches & Flakes  
Blueberry Cobbler Multigrain Cereal Bars Multigrain, Blueberry Cobbler  
Breakfast Bakes, Raspberry Raspberry  
Breakfast Cereal, The Most Complete The Most Complete  
Broth, Chicken 14.25 Oz Chicken 14.25 Oz  
Broth, Chicken 15 Oz Chicken 15 Oz  
Broth, No Salt Added, Chicken No Salt Added, Chicken  
Bruschetta Vegetable Cracker  
Bruschetta Vegetable Cracker. No Added Salt  
Cafe Chicken Noodle Soup  
Cafe Creations Bar, Chocolate Espresso  
Cafe Creations Bar, Chocolate Raspberry  
Cafe Creations Bar, Cinnamon Danish  
Cafe Creations Cookie, Chocolate Chip Chocolate Chip or Chocolate Chocolate Chip  
Cafe Creations Cookie, Raisin Oatmeal  
Cantonese Rice, Lowfat 'Rice Cup'  
Cereal Bar, Strawberry Cobbler Strawberry Cobbler  
Cereal Bars, Fig Cobbler Fig Cobbler  
Cereal Bars, Yogurt Berry Parfait Yogurt Berry Parfait  
Cereal Bars, Yogurt French Vanilla Yogurt French Vanilla  
Cereal, Amaranth Flakes 12.65 Oz Amaranth Flakes 12.65 Oz