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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Health Valley

Name Description Access Level
Soy O's Cereal, Original Original  
SoyO's Cereal, Honey Nut Honey Nut  
Spicy Black Bean Soup, Nonfat w/couscous, 'Soup Cup'  
Split Pea & Carrots Soup, Nonfat, Rts  
Split Pea Soup, No Added Salt, Rts Organic  
Split Pea Soup, No Salt Added No Salt Added  
Split Pea Soup, Nonfat, Rts Organic  
Split Pea, 40% Less Sodium Split Pea  
Stoned Wheat Cracker  
Strawberry Cobbler Multigrain Cereal Bars Multigrain, Strawberry Cobbler  
Strawberry Shortbread Cookie Bar  
Super Broccoli Carotene Soup, Nonfat, Rts  
Tarts, Raspberry Raspberry  
Tarts, Red Cherry Red Cherry  
Terrific 10 Grain! Hot Cereal  
Thai Rice  
Thai Rice, Lowfat 'Rice Cup'  
The Best Weight Management Cereal  
Toaster Tarts, Multigrain, Blueberry Multigrain, Blueberry  
Toaster Tarts, Multigrain, Strawberry Multigrain, Strawberry  
Tomato Soup, No Added Salt, Rts Organic  
Tomato Soup, Nonfat, Rts Organic  
Tomato Soup, Organic  
Tomato Vegetable Soup, Nonfat, Rts  
Vegetable Barley Soup, Nonfat, Rts  
Vegetable Broth, Fat-Free Fat-Free  
Vegetable Broth, Nonfat Organic  
Vegetable Soup, No Added Salt, Rts Organic  
Vegetable Soup, Nonfat, Rts Organic  
Vegetable Soup, Organic  
Vegetarian Chili, Spicy Tomato Spicy Vegetarian  
White Chocolate Chunk Cookie  
Whole Wheat Cracker  
Zesty Black Bean Soup, Nonfat w/rice, 'Soup Cup'