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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Hacienda Mexican Restaurants

Name Description Access Level
Fettuccine Fernando  
Fiesta Fries  
Fish Taco (single) Taco  
Fish Tacos  
Flame Broiled Salmon  
Flauta Each  
French Fries  
French Fries, Kids  
Fried Ice Cream; chocolate  
Fried Ice Cream; honey  
Garlic Chicken Breast w/Mushrooms  
Garlic Mushrooms  
Grande Cheeseburger  
Grande Quesadilla - Chicken  
Grande Quesadilla - Steak  
Ground Beef and Cheese Burrito  
Ground Beef and Refried Beans Burrito  
Ground Beef Chimi  
Ground Beef Corn Shell Enchilada  
Ground Beef Corn Shell Taco  
Ground Beef Flour Soft Shell Enchilada  
Ground Beef Flour Soft Shell Taco  
Ground Beef Taco Salad  
Ground Beef Tostada  
Guacamole per serving  
Guacamole, lettuce, chip strips  
Hacienda Cheese Dip  
Hacienda Cheese Dip Sour Cream and Chives  
Hacienda Hot Dog  
Honey Mustard Dressings  
Jalapeno Each Popper  
Jalapeno Peppers  
Jalapeno Popper Dressing (per dip)  
Jalapeno Poppers, 10 piece  
Jalapeno Poppers, 5 piece  
Key Lime Poco  
Kids Quesadilla  
Kids Taco  
Mesquite Chicken Breast  
Mesquite Chicken Sandwich  
Mexican Each Potato Skin  
Mexican Pizza