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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Gundelsheim

Name Description Access Level
Apple Vinegar  
Authentic German Sauerkraut w/ wine  
Barrel Pickles  
Barrel Red Cabbage  
Barrel Red Cabbage  
Barrel Sauerkraut  
Beetroot Slices, 370 ml  
Cocktail Cornichons  
Corn Cobs, 212 ml  
Country Gherkins  
Creamed Horseradish  
Crunchy Dill Gherkins  
Crunchy Dills  
Garlic Barrel Pickles  
Gherkins Moscow Style  
Hot & Spicy Barrel Pickles with Chili and Red Pepper  
Mixed Pickles, 370 ml  
Pickled Carrot Salad, 2650 ml  
Pickled Celery Salad, 2650 ml  
Pickled Gherkins  
Pickles, Barrel Barrel  
Pickles, Garlic Barrel Garlic Barrel  
Polski Ogorki  
Prepared Horseradish  
Red Cabbage  
Red Cabbage  
Silverskin Onions, 370 ml  
Sliced Gherkins  
Sweet & Sour Gherkins  
White Vinegar