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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Gold Medal

Name Description Access Level
Flour, All Purpose Presifted All Purpose Presifted  
Flour, All-Purpose All-Purpose  
Flour, Quick-Mixing, All-Purpose Quick-Mixing, All-Purpose  
Flour, Self-Rising With Baking Soda & Salt Self-Rising With Baking Soda & Salt  
Flour, White Whole Wheat White Whole Wheat  
Frosted Popcorn Mix, Glaze Pop  
Fun Pop Popcorn  
Gingerbread Mix  
Ground Cinnamon  
Hamburger Enriched Buns  
Hamburger Roll  
heavy Duty Mayonnaise  
Imitation Bak'n Bits  
Light Wheat Bread  
Mega-Pop Popcorn Kit  
Monster Mushroom Popcorn  
Muffin Mix, Blueberry, Imitation General Mills, dry  
Muffin Mix, Original, Variety Original, Variety  
Muffin Mix, Variety Variety  
Organic All-Purpose Flour  
Pop Corn  
Pork Lumpia Shanghai, Pork Spring Roll  
Premium Country White Bread  
Quick-mixing Flour, Wondra enriched, bleached, sauce & gravy  
Raisin Bread  
Ready-To-Spread Vanilla Creme Icing  
Rolls, Sliced Enriched Sliced Enriched  
Rolls, Sliced Enriched, Hamburger Sliced Enriched, Hamburger  
Seasoned Chicken Skewers  
Self Rising Flour  
Self-Rising Flour with Baking Powder & Salt Self-Rising  
Specialty Flour  
Sun Pop  
Wheat Hamburger Roll  
White Bread  
White Bread  
White Bread, Jumbo  
White Enriched Bread  
Whole Grain Variety Muffin Mix  
Whole Wheat Bread  
Whole Wheat Flour stone ground  
Whole Wheat Flour  
Wondra Quick-Mixing Flour, All-Purpose  
Wondra Quick-Mixing Flour, All-Purpose Enriched Bleached