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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Friendly's

Name Description Access Level
Sugar Cone with Ice Cream Cone, Single Scoop  
Sugar Free Pancake Syrup  
Sugar Packet  
Sugar Packets  
Sundae Cones, Mint Fudge  
Sundae Topping, Butterfinger Candy Pieces  
Sundae Topping, Caramel Topping  
Sundae Topping, Chocolate Sauce  
Sundae Topping, Chocolate Sprinkles  
Sundae Topping, Cookie Dough  
Sundae Topping, Gummi Bears  
Sundae Topping, Hot Fudge Topping  
Sundae Topping, Kit Kat Topping  
Sundae Topping, M and M's  
Sundae Topping, Marshmallow Topping  
Sundae Topping, Oreo Cookie Pieces  
Sundae Topping, Peaunut Butter Topping  
Sundae Topping, Rainbow Sprinkles  
Sundae Topping, Reese's Cups  
Sundae Topping, Reese's Pieces  
Sundae Topping, Strawberry Topping  
Sundae Topping, Swiss Chocolate Topping  
Sundae Topping, Vanilla Pound Cake Cubes  
Sundae Topping, Walnuts  
Sundae, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough  
Sundae, Jim Dandy  
Sundae, Original Fudge  
Sundae, Salted Caramel Cake Krunch  
Super Sizzlin Bacon  
Super Sizzlin Combo  
Super Sizzlin Ham  
Super Sizzlin Sausage  
Surf & Turf (Fried Shrimp)  
Surf & Turf (Grilled Shrimp)  
Sweet & Spicy Grilled Shrimp  
Sweet Ginger Sesame 1.5 Oz  
Sweet Ginger Sesame Dressing ENTREE SALAD DRESSINGS - Sweet Ginger Sesame Dressing  
Sweet Ginger Sesame Dressing, Side Salad portion SIDE SALAD DRESSINGS - Sweet Ginger Sesame  
Swiss Chocolate Topping  
Swiss Chocolate Topping CREATE YOUR OWN - Ice Cream Toppings - Swiss Chocolate Topping  
Swiss Mushroom Burger FRIENDLY'S BIG BEEF BURGERS - Swiss Mushroom Burger  
Swiss N' Mushroom Bacon Burger  
Swiss Patty Melt  
Tartar Sauce  
Tartar Sauce