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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh Express

Name Description Access Level
3 Color Cole Slaw  
3-Color Deli Cole Slaw  
5-Lettuce Mix  
5-Lettuce Mix Salad - Healthy Blend  
50/50 Mix  
50/50 Mix - Tender Leaf Blends  
50/50 Mix Salad  
50/50 Mix Salad  
50/50 Mix Salad  
50/50 Mix Salad  
50/50 Mix Spring Mix  
50/50 Mix Spring Mix & Spinach  
50/50 Mix, Melange Salad  
America's Fresh 3-Color Deli Cole Slaw  
American Crunchy Blends  
American Fresh Coleslaw Kit  
American Salad  
American Salad - Healthy Blend  
American Vegetable Salad  
American Vegetables American  
American Vegetables  
Angel Hair Cole Slaw  
Angel Hair Cole Slaw  
Antioxidant Kit  
Antioxidant Kit  
Apples & Cheddar Kit  
Asian Avocado Salad Kit  
Asian Chopped Kit  
Asian Chopped Kit  
Asian Supreme  
Avocado Caesar Chopped Salad Kit  
Avocado Caesar Twisted Caesar Chopped Salad Kit  
Avocado Ranch Chopped Kit  
Avocado Verde Chicken with Avocado Caesar Dressing Gourmet Kits  
B.L.T. Caesar  
Baby Arugula  
Baby Butter and Crisp Tango Lettuces, Sweet Tender Greens Sweet Tender Greens  
Baby Greens Mix, Sweet Dijon Onion  
Baby Kale & Spinach Blend  
Baby Kale & Spinach Juicing Greens  
Baby Kale Mix  
Baby Kale Mix  
Baby Kale, Organic  
Baby Lettuces & Greens Spring Mix  
Baby Spinach