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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh Express

Name Description Access Level
Pomegranate Chopped Kit  
Pomegranate Chopped Kit  
Pomegranate Cranberry Romaine Lettuce Blend  
Premium Romaine Premium  
Premium Romaine Crispy Lettuce  
Premium Slaw Salad Kit Asian Avocado  
Premium Slaw Salad Kit, Asian Avocado  
Premium Slaw Salad Kit, Asian Avocado  
Premium Slaw Salad Kit, Asian Avocado  
Premium Slaw Salad Kit, Honey Pecan  
Premium Slaw Salad Kit, Smoked BBQ Sriracha  
Pumpkin Panzanella Salad Kit  
Red Cabbage  
Refresh Juicing Greens, Beettops Chard Spinach & Baby Kale  
Replenish Juicing Greens, Baby Kale & Spinach  
Riviera Salad - Healthy Blend  
Riviera Salad Blend, with Butter Lettuce & Radicchio with Butter Lettuce & Radicchio  
Romaine & Radicchio Salad, Parmesan-Romano & Croutons Parmesan-Romano & Croutons  
Romaine Hearts  
Romaine Lettuce Caesar Kit  
Romaine Lettuce Caesar Lite Kit  
Romaine, Classic Chopped Classic Chopped  
Salad Kit, Asian Asian  
Salad Kit, Bacon Caesar  
Salad Kit, Caesar Caesar  
Salad Kit, Caesar Supreme Caesar Supreme  
Salad Kit, Cherry Almond Bleu  
Salad Kit, Citrus Burst  
Salad Kit, French Blue Cheese  
Salad Kit, Harvest Peach Harvest Peach  
Salad Kit, Kale Great Greens  
Salad Kit, Pear Gorgonzola Pear Gorgonzola  
Salad Kit, Salsa! Ensalada Salsa! Ensalada  
Salad Kit, Southwest  
Salad Kit, Spinach & Bacon  
Salad Kit, Strawberry Fields Strawberry Fields  
Salad Mix  
Salad, American American  
Salad, Bacon Caesar  
Salad, Bacon Thousand Island  
Salad, Baja Ranch with Chicken Baja Ranch with Chicken  
Salad, Broccoli Salad Broccoli Salad  
Salad, Caesar Greek Yogurt Dressing  
Salad, Caesar, Crunchy Blends  
Salad, Chicken Caesar Kit Chicken Caesar Kit