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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fresh Express

Name Description Access Level
Leafy Green Romaine  
Lettuce Mix  
Lettuce Trio Crispy Lettuce  
Lettuce, Sweet Butter  
Mediterranean Gourmet Cafe Salad  
Mediterranean Supreme  
Mexican Style Chopped Kit  
Mexican Style Chopped Kit  
mixed greens salad  
Old Fashioned Cole Slaw  
Orchard Harvest Salad - Healthy Blend  
Orchard Harvest, Fruits, Nuts & White Cheddar Fruits, Nuts & White Cheddar  
Organic 50/50 Mix  
Organic 50/50 Mix Baby Spinach Mix  
Organic Baby Arugula  
Organic Baby Arugula, Clamshell  
Organic Baby Romaine  
Organic Baby Romaine, Clamshell  
organic baby spinach  
Organic Baby Spinach  
Organic Baby Spinach, Clamshell  
Organic Baby Spinach, Clamshell Salad - Healthy Blend  
Organic Baby Sweet Lettuce  
Organic Chopped Kit, Asian Sesame Ginger  
Organic Chopped Kit, Balsamic Vinaigrette  
Organic Chopped Kit, Sunflower Ranch  
Organic Chopped Salad Kit, Balsamic Vinaigrette  
Organic Chopped Salad Kit, Sunflower Ranch  
Organic Fresh Herb Salad, Clamshell  
Organic Hearts of Romaine  
Organic Salad Kit  
Organic Spring Mix  
Organic Spring Mix, Baby Lettuces & Baby Greens  
Organic Spring Mix, Clamshell  
Organic Super Greens  
Organic, Baby Spinach  
Original Iceberg Garden Crispy Lettuce  
Pacifica Veggie Supreme  
Pacifica! Veggie Supreme  
Parisienne Supreme Kit  
Parmesan Cheese Crisp  
Pear Gorgonzola Kit  
Pearl Mozzarella Caprese  
Pesto Caesar Twisted Caesar Chopped Salad Kit  
Philly Beef Sub