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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Fatburger

Name Description Access Level
Crispy Chicken Sandwich  
Crispy Chicken Sandwich Sandwiches  
Egg Add-on  
Fat Fries  
Fat Fries Sides  
Fat Salad Wedge (no dressing)  
Fat Salad Wedge (no dressing) More  
Fat Salad Wedge with Chicken (no dressing)  
Fat Salad Wedge with Chicken (no dressing) More  
Fatburger (no bun)  
Fatburger (no bun) Burgers  
Fish Sandwich  
Fish Sandwich Sandwiches  
Grilled Chicken Sandwich  
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Sandwiches  
Grilled Onions Add-on  
Hot Dog  
Hot Dog More  
Large Fatburger Burgers  
Lettuce Add-on  
Maui-Banana Shake  
Maui-Banana Shake Drinks  
Mayonnaise Add-on  
Medium Fatburger Burgers  
Mustard Add-on  
Onion Rings  
Onion Rings Sides  
Onions Add-on  
Peanut Butter Shake  
Peanut Butter Shake Drinks  
Pickles (Kingburger)  
Pickles Add-on  
Relish Add-on  
Sausage and Egg Sandwich  
Sausage and Egg Sandwich Sandwiches  
Skinny Fries Sides  
Skinny Fries  
Small Fatburger Burgers  
Spicy Chicken Sandwich  
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Sandwiches  
Strawberry Shake  
Strawberry Shake Drinks  
Tomato (Kingburger)