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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Entenmann's

Name Description Access Level
Cake, Dulce de Leche Dulce de Leche  
Cake, Fudge Iced Golden  
Cake, Golden Fudge Golden Fudge  
Cake, Iced Pumpkin  
Cake, Iced, Blackout Iced, Blackout  
Cake, Iced, Carrot Iced, Carrot  
Cake, Iced, Chocolate Chip Iced, Chocolate Chip  
Cake, Iced, Chocolate Truffle Iced, Chocolate Truffle  
Cake, Lemon Coconut Lemon Coconut  
Cake, Pound Pound  
Cake, Ultimate Caramel Mocha Ultimate Caramel Mocha  
Cake, Ultimate Celebration Ultimate Celebration  
Cake, Ultimate Chocolate Lover's Ultimate Chocolate Lover's  
Cake, Ultimate Pina Colada Ultimate Pina Colada  
Cakes, Crumb Crumb  
Cakes, Petite, Chocolate, Ultimate Madeleines Petite, Chocolate, Ultimate Madeleines  
Cakes, Pound, Mini  
Cakes, Pound, Slices Pound, Slices  
Cakes, Sponge Creme Sponge Creme  
Caramel and Creme Squares  
Caramel Nut Danish Twist  
Carrot Cake  
Carrot Cake  
Cereal Bars, Multi-Grain, Apple Cinnamon Multi-Grain, Apple Cinnamon  
Cereal Bars, Multi-Grain, Berry Yogurt Multi-Grain, Berry Yogurt  
Cereal Bars, Multi-Grain, Cinnamon Brown Sugar Multi-Grain, Cinnamon Brown Sugar  
Cereal Bars, Multi-Grain, Fruit & Nut Multi-Grain, Fruit & Nut  
Cereal Bars, Multi-Grain, Oatmeal Raisin Multi-Grain, Oatmeal Raisin  
Cereal Bars, Multi-Grain, Strawberry Multi-Grain, Strawberry  
Cereal Bites, Apple Cinnamon Apple Cinnamon  
Cereal Bites, Raspberry Raspberry  
Cereal Bites, Strawberry Strawberry  
Cheese Buns  
Cheese Buns  
Cheese Danish  
Cheese Danish  
Cheese Danish Minis  
Cheese Danish Twist  
Cheese Danish Twist  
Cheese Filled Crumb Coffee Cake  
Cheese Filled Crumb Coffee Cake  
Cheese Filled Crumb Coffee Cake  
Cheese Topped Buns  
Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake  
Cherry Cheese Danish