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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Einstein Bros Bagels

Name Description Access Level
*Add Cheddar Cheese  
Americano Regular  
Americao Large  
Ancho Lime Salsa  
Ancho Mayo  
Asiago Cheese Bagel  
Asiago Cheese Bagel Pretzel  
Avocado Toast Seasoning Blend  
Bacon & Spinach Panini  
Bagel Croutons  
Bagel-Fuls, Everything, with Cream Cheese  
Barq's Root Beer  
Blueberry Bagel  
Blueberry Bagel  
Blueberry Muffin  
Braided Challah Roll  
Bros Bistro Salad  
Bros Bistro Salad with Chicken  
Caesar Dressing  
Caesar Salad  
Caesar Salad with Chicken  
Cafe Caramel 532 ml  
Cafe Caramel 710 ml  
Cafe Latte 532 ml  
Cafe Latte 710 ml  
Cafe Latte Nonfat Large  
Cafe Latte Nonfat Medium  
Cafe Latte Nonfat, Regular  
Cafe Latte, Large  
Cafe Latte, Large Whole milk  
Cafe Latte, Medium  
Cafe Latte, Medium Whole milk  
Cafe Latte, Regular  
Cafe Latte, Regular whole milk  
Cafe Mocha 532 ml  
Cafe Mocha 710 ml  
Caffiene Free Diet Coke  
California Chicken Wrap  
Candied Walnuts  
Cappuccino Medium  
Cappuccino, Large  
Cappuccino, Large (Nonfat Milk)  
Cappuccino, Medium (Nonfat Milk)  
Cappuccino, Medium Whole Milk  
Cappuccino, Regular