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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Edo Japan

Name Description Access Level
2 Apple Caramel Spring Roll  
2 Inari  
3 Pork & Beef Gyoza  
6 Extra Shrimp  
Alaska Roll  
Avocado Roll  
Beef and Shrimp  
Beef Ramen  
Beef Udon  
Beef Yakisoba  
Beef Yakisoba  
Beef Yakisoba Bento  
Brown Rice Side Dish  
California Roll  
Chicken & Beef  
Chicken and Beef  
Chicken and Beef Bento  
Chicken and Shrimp  
Chicken Ramen  
Chicken Roll  
Chicken Udon  
Chicken Yakisoba  
Chicken Yakisoba  
Chicken Yakisoba Bento  
Chop Chop Beef  
Chop Chop Chicken  
Chop Chop Tempura Shrimp  
Chop Chop Veggie  
Creamy Scallop  
Curry Chicken  
Curry Chicken Bowl  
Dynamite Roll  
Easi Platter with Spicy (15 pc)  
Easi Platter with Sukiyaki (15 pc)  
Ebi (Steamed Prawn)  
Edamame with Sea Salt  
Edamame with Sesame Chili  
Enjoi Platter  
Extra Beef  
Extra Chicken  
Fresh Grilled Vegetables  
Futari Platter (1/2 platter)  
Ginger Pork  
Grilled Vegetables  
Happi Platter (reg beef, edamame chili)