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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Dole

Name Description Access Level
Orange Strawberry Banana  
Orange Strawberry Banana Juice 100% juice, frozen conc, reconstituted  
Orange, Raw  
Organic 50/50 Baby Spinach and Spring Mix  
Organic Arugula  
Organic Baby Spinach & Arugula, Spicy & Peppery  
Organic Brussels Sprouts  
Organic Kit, Caesar  
Organic Kit, Savory Balsamic  
Organic Mandarin Oranges  
Organic Salad Kit, Caesar  
Organic Salad, 50/50 Baby Spinach & Spring Mix  
Organic Spring mix  
Organic Super Spinach  
Organic Whole Mushrooms  
Organics, Mixed Berries  
Organics, Raspberries  
Original Acai Bowls Acai Blend with Fruit & Granola  
Packaged Salads, American ceberg lettuce, romaine, carrots, cabbage and radishes.  
Packaged Salads, Angel Hair green cabbage  
Packaged Salads, Baby Romaine Clamshell coloful baby lettuce  
Packaged Salads, Baby Spinach tender and flavorful baby spinach leaves  
Packaged Salads, Baby Spinach with Tender Reds Baby Spinach with Tender Reds  
Packaged Salads, Chopped Romaine chopped romaine lettuce.  
Packaged Salads, Classic Cole Slaw shredded green cabbage and carrots.  
Packaged Salads, Classic Iceberg iceberg lettuce, carrots and red cabbage.  
Packaged Salads, Classic Romaine romaine lettuce, carrots and red cabbage  
Packaged Salads, European iceberg, romaine, leaf lettuces, radicchio, and endive  
Packaged Salads, Field Greens romaine lettuce, curly endive, carrots and radicchio.  
Packaged Salads, Greener Selection iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, carrots and red cabbage.  
Packaged Salads, Hearts Delight romaine, green leaf and butter lettuce hearts.  
Packaged Salads, Hearts of Romaine tender romaine hearts.  
Packaged Salads, Iceberg Butter Crunch iceberg, butter lettuce hearts and carrots.  
Packaged Salads, Italian romaine and radicchio lettuces  
Packaged Salads, Just Lettuce crisp leaves of romaine and iceberg lettuce.  
Packaged Salads, Leafy Romaine romaine and leaf lettuces.  
Packaged Salads, Mediterranean escarole, leaf lettuces, radicchio and endive  
Packaged Salads, Shredded Carrots ready to eat shredded crunchy carrots  
Packaged Salads, Shredded Lettuce ready to eat shredded iceberg lettuce.  
Packaged Salads, Spinach tender and flavorful spinach leaves  
Packaged Salads, Very Veggie  
Paradise Blend  
Paradise Blend  
Paradise Blend  
Paradise Blend Juice 100% juice, not from conc; tropical flavors w/carrot juice