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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Country Style

Name Description Access Level
Blueberry Bagel  
Blueberry Bagel BREAKFAST - Blueberry Bagel  
Blueberry Filling Braided Bread  
Blueberry Muffin SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS - Blueberry Muffin  
Blueberry Tea Biscuit SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS - Blueberry Tea Biscuit  
Blueberry-Tea Biscuit  
Boston Creme Doughnut SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS - Boston Creme Yeast Donut  
Boston Creme-Yeast Donuts  
Braided Bread, Apple Filling  
Braided Bread, Cherry Filling  
Bread Stick  
Breakfast Bagel Deluxe  
Breakfast Club Sandwich on Bagel BREAKFAST - Breakfast Bagel Deluxe Sandwich  
Breakfast Club Sandwich on English Muffin  
Broccoli & Cheese Soup  
Butter Cheese Croissant  
Butter Criossant SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS - Butter Criossant  
Butter Croissant SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS - Butter Cheese Criossant  
Butter Croissant  
Caesar Salad  
Caesar Salad BISTRODELI LUNCH - Caesar Salad  
Cappuccino BEVERAGES - Cappuccino  
Caramel Latte  
Caramel Latte BEVERAGES - Caramel Latte  
Carrot Muffin SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS - Carrot Muffin  
Cauliflower and Cheese-Soup  
Cheddar BREAKFAST - Cheddar  
Cheddar & Herb Bagel Breakfast - Bagels - Cheddar  
Cheddar Cauliflower Bistrodeli/Lunch - Soups & Chili - Cheddar Cauliflower  
Cheddar Cauliflower Soup BISTRODELI LUNCH - Cheddar Cauliflower Soup  
Cheddar Cheese  
Cheese Croissant  
Cheese Tea Biscuit SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS - Cheese Tea Biscuit  
Cheese-Tea Biscuit  
Cherry Cruller SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS - Cherry Cruller  
Cherry Crullers  
Cherry Filled Yeast Donut SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS - Cherry Filled Yeast Donut  
Cherry Filled-Yeast Donuts  
Chicken Bistrodeli/Lunch - Soups & Chili - Chicken  
Chicken -Stews  
Chicken Caesar Salad