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Nutritional Information, Diet Info and Calories in Concord Foods

Name Description Access Level
Apple Crisp  
Apple Crisp Mix  
Apple Crisp Mix, Prepared w/ Butter  
Authentic Guacamole Mix  
Authentic Guacamole Mix  
Authentic Guacamole Prepared  
Bacon Bits  
Bacon Bits, Imitation, Hickory-Smoked Imitation, Hickory-Smoked  
Banana Bread Mix  
Banana Bread Mix, Prepared  
Banana Cr?me Pudding & Pie Filling  
Banana Cream Pie Mix  
Banana Cream Pie Mix, Prepared w/ 2% Milk  
Banana Creme  
Banana Pops! Chocolate Flavored Chocolate  
Banana Smoothie Mix  
Banana Smoothie Mix, Prepared with 2% Milk  
Blueberry Glaze  
Blueberry Muffin Mix  
Broccoli Soup Mix  
Broccoli Soup Mix - Cheddar Cheese Flavor  
Broccoli Soup Prepared  
Broccoli Soup Prepared - Cheddar Cheese Flavor  
Broccoli Soup, Cheddar Cheese Flavor  
Candy Apple Kit  
Candy Apple Kit Mix  
Candy Apple Kit Mix, Prepared w/ Sugar & Apple  
Caramel Apple Kit  
Caramel Apple Kit  
Caramel Apple Kit Mix  
Caramel Apple Kit Mix, Prepared w/ Apple  
Caramel Apple Wrap  
Caramel Apple Wrap  
Caramel Dip  
Caramel Dip, USDA Organic USDA Organic  
Carrot Glaze  
Carrot Glaze Mix  
Chocolate Banana Smoothie Mix  
Chocolate Banana Smoothie Mix, Prepared w/ Skim Milk  
Chocolate Flavored Banana Pops  
Chocolate Fruit Dip  
Coleslaw Mix  
Coleslaw Mix Original Original  
Coleslaw Mix Prepared with Mayo  
Cream of Broccoli Soup, Original Original, Cream of Broccoli